What do we know about the latest in a spate of noise rock bands to come out of Bristol (also see: Lice, IDLES, Milo’s Planes)? Not a lot – a internet dive reveals little more than a single quote from their record label, describing their music as ‘the lullaby to haunt our darkest moments’, and an existence which appears to not stretch much further back than April. It’s impressive, then, that this band have managed to produce their single, brilliant track already, have racked up nearly 3000 Soundcloud plays and have therefore risen out of the South Western swamp.

Or perhaps not so impressive – to build momentum is not so difficult when you have music as good as Rink’s. Rink’s Rink initially unwraps a smoky vocal against a slow, rhythmic piano backdrop, ramping up the paranoia to Massive Attack quality. But this lasts for only seven seconds, as a perfectly placed scrawl of overdrive complements said paranoid goings on. That much overdrive placed in such a way that a quiet, pensive atmosphere is not jettisoned but maintained recalls greats of Shoe Gaze such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride. You’ll probably enjoy it if you enjoy either of these strains of alternative, but the accessible melody  means that the combination of the two here might also speak volumes to those raised on piano based singer songwriters.

It’s all very 90s, then, which makes it even more remarkable that the band have managed to create something very original indeed. Taking the best bits of previous influences to create something new, wrapping it up with a more than satisfactory melody in what is only their first track – it all adds up to give the impression that Rink are an act to watch.