I should really hate this song. It has all the hall marks of a hateable song. It has drops. It has a #sick #bass. It has a whiney build up. The lyrics of the chorus is the word ‘intoxicated’. And yet I don’t, and I don’t know why.

What’s more confusing is that I should really, really hate this song because of where and how I first heard it. I was on a beach abroad. It was just me, my girlfriend, the sun and the latest sensation in Norwegian literature, Karl Ove Knausgaard. But not for much longer. I heard some music. Hurray, I thought, it’s some shitty europop. And what the fuck is that chorus?

Of course, the only people who could possibly be listening to a song like that in a public place were ten 14 year old Dutch boys, with matching bandanas. My favourite one was this guy at the back, sort of hanging off of the back of the group, who wasn’t wearing a t shirt. Granted, it was a beach, but if I was going to do the running man  to the word ‘intoxicated’ in a public place I’d probably keep my top on.

I didn’t really hear much of the song, but I assumed that a gang of  EuroLads on a Spanish beach were not going to have great music taste. Maybe I was wrong. When I really listened to the song (and you do have to really listen to it, to get past that word) I realised it was catchy as fuck. When you get past the heavy handed bass line, and the predictable build up/break down structure, you realise that it builds towards every peak with a really precise texture, giving subtle prominence to a proper funk piano riff which is so out of place but works oh so well.

Thanks, Dutch children.