In the news recently was a piece suggesting that music could make us happy. Not just make us happy as some normal piece of entertainment, but that it could actually affect our heart rate and breathing pattern to increase happiness. Put another way, music is – apparently – some sort of drug.

I can believe this. Some time before I’d read an interview with a DJ claiming that there was a precise BPM (beats per minute, or speed of a track) at which people would feel something close to euphoria. Think about what that means, for a moment. There are very few things of life which can be said to guarantee euphoria, like pushing a button. Sex, drugs and – according to this article – football (apparently the feeling of seeing your team score is similar to Cocaine in its effect on the brain). All of those either should not or cannot be consumed too much. But music – inspiring euphoria and affecting your head at both this BPM (137) and, clearly elsewhere, as pointed out by the first news piece – is something you can never have too much of.

If you don’t believe me, listen to this track. Make sure you wait for the point it hits the chorus. It has the classic ingredients of a euphoria inspiring song – welcoming chords erupting from a minor chord filled verse, uplifting lyrics and it’s all done on a piano as well. But none of that really matters. What matters when you listen to a song like this isn’t what has gone into it, but what is coming out. That’s to say, what the effect on you is. That’s because whilst some – most, even – songs will work best when you consider either your context or the writer’s, this is not one of them. It is so strong at pushing euphoria that it blasts all other thoughts in its path. Whatever your situation, wherever you are, this song is a great song.

Above, I mentioned that I believed that you can never have too much of music. Strictly speaking, that’s not true. You can listen to a song too much. But there are some which are so great that they cannot be listened to too much, just like you can never see the sun come up too many times. Is this one of them?