As I mentioned in my last post, dance music is having what is probably its most commercially successful period at the moment. Within dance, it’s the turn of house (rather than EDM) to have its day, and with songs like Celebrate southern dance duo Kode & Rythem could ride this wave of success; it helps that they’re producing what has to be some of the best examples of this brand of dance music. With that in mind, I wanted to find out how much commercial considerations impacted on the duo’s music writing, and to find out more about the act.

  • Your song ‘Celebrate’ has a sound similar to the deep house which is currently commercially successful – would you agree with that, and if so was it a deliberate move?

So Kode & Rhythm consists of me and my brother, were both musicians and listen to a lot of different musical styles, so there’s always a fair amount of inspiration from different sources. One of us might come up with a chord sequence or a bassline and then a bunch of ideas get chucked into the mixing pot, we do definitely take ideas and vibes from what’s popular at the time because sometimes they just sit right with the melody. So it’s always a deliberate move but we try not to replicate or over stylize something to a specific sound.

  • How important is commercial success to you guys?

One of us is a plumber and the other works in a bookshop, we both do ridiculous hours for a pretty poor wage, we’ve both kinda scrimped all the money we could get together to buy the most ghetto studio you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s like a 2005 PC and a load of old keyboards from pawn stores, so I think we’d both be lying if we said that commercial interest didn’t interest us, purely so we could get some nice equipment and really go to work on some massive tracks. That being said I think you gotta make the most of what you have sometimes and this seems to bring out more creative music. Commercial success is a tricky one but yeah we’d take it, as long as we kept our creativity and freedom to write what we want.

  • What do you make of the concept of ‘live’ dance music shows? Are you yourselves planning on any live shows?

Yeah live dance music shows are awesome, we go to a lot of gigs and shows from drum and bass to metal, you kinda get the feeling there all one and the same, a bunch of like-minded people enjoying listening to music they appreciate, proper loud…

I mean there’s a lot of work that goes into putting on a live show, not really as easy as hitting a play button and bouncing about on stage, you’ve gotta mix it up and give people something they weren’t expecting like, “ man, they were even better live!”

  • Where did the lyrics from this song come? How important are lyrics to you when you guys are making music?

Well the lyrics to this song are kinda just saying “party” and really that word means something different to everyone.

Like “we went to Barcelona and had a sangria” pretty much means the same to everyone whose ever been there, so to throw something in there that’s about partying kinda applies to everyone but in a different way, the lyrics in this song didn’t really need to say to much as its a pretty happy tune that makes you wanna dance about so it’s really just a glue to stick all the music together and make it more human. We write a lot of other music which is kinda the opposite you know? Like all about the lyrics and a lot of time is spent making sure they are really hard hitting and get the point across and others that are a bit ‘tongue in cheek’

Yeah lyrics are super important but the music can speak for itself sometimes.

  •       Cheers!