This song has Azealia Banks written all over it. Not only does it sound eerily similar to her style and sound, the song itself was an underground dance hit until rapper Tink took it and rapped over it. The effect is to create a bouncy, dancey hit which teeters on the tightrope between hardcore dance music and pop. Which side it lands on is probably too close to call, and it shouldn’t really matter. Why does what other people think of the music we like should be irrelevant, and I think for most people it is. But – aside from ‘better before they were famous’ twats – there’s always some part of you that wants a great artist which deserves more exposure to receive it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a bit like supporting you favourite football team: you like them, so you want them to do well.

If (maybe when) this song becomes a chart success, it’ll probably mark this summer as the high point of house as a commercial entity. That’s because this summer has seen a glut of massively successful house singles, from House Every Weekend to How Deep Is Your Love to this, as well as those with a strong house influence such as Cheerleader or Years and Years. It has reperesented the passing of EDM and deep house (think Sonnentanz) as the most viable pop music formats of the moment, but I can’t see house being around in this strength by this time next year. How much further can it go?

But when it does sink beneath the waves of pop and back under the sea, it’ll still be around in the clubs and headphones used by the most passionate of users. After all, the same can be said for dubstep, indie and r & b. When it does, the only question will be what’ll take it’s space. A possible candidate could be the hyper-energy of PC Music, or maybe the grungy indie currently popular in guitar circles will make a breakthrough. But the truth is that no one has a clue.