This song, apparently, is about drugs. The phrase ‘can’t feel my face’ means, according to the internet, the moment when cocaine kicks in. The song isn’t – however – about how great drugs are, despite what The Telegraph might think. With the repeated references to ‘she’ it’s pretty obvious he’s referring to a women (jesus, I nearly typed female), and using the age-old ‘love as a drug’ metaphor. Unless (and this is entirely possible, considering the drugs-ridden subject matter of The Weeknd’s past work) he’s so in love with drugs he’s taken to referring to cocaine as a person.

I’d assume not, but the truth it doesn’t really matter what I or you or anyone thinks the song means, aside from its meaning with regards to you. That includes The Weeknd; a song (or, for that matter, a film, book or painting) doesn’t really have a universal meaning because different people¬†will take a different meaning from it precisely because they are different people. Every meaning is valid, also because we are all different. Your truth is different from mine, and that’s fine.

That’s why I don’t really care that 11 year olds all over the country are singing along to a song that was originally written with gormed-out drug users in mind, sitting on the floor touching their faces and talking about aliens and humans and is there really a difference. Even though it is kind of funny. Because if we lived in a world where I wasn’t allowed¬†sing along to Shake It Off and think about world politics and revolution, then what kind of what world would we live in? Meaning is flexible, because then it can fit the most people.