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It’s very rare that a song makes you sit up and listen not because of the song itself, but rather how it sounds. But when it does happen, it’s pretty nice. It’s like porn for the ears. That’s why the best producers are so in demand, and it’s one more reason to enjoy the newest song from Chichester band Dutch Criminal Band.

Yes, no matter what instrument and effect used Southsea would still be a good if not great song. But it has a long solo of commendable quality, and a sparse, guitar led intro. Such things will only be enhanced by a great sound on the guitar. And this song has it. It feels very nice and warm, without sounding fuzzy or buried in the slightest.

The solo is really something, as well. It follows the rule which is the greatest legacy of the ninties: simplicity in a solo is key. Forget the 3 minute guitar-as-penis jobs performed by the cockrockers of Aerosmith and Guns & Roses. They’re so eighties. Instead, Oasis and Nirvana taught that sticking closeish to the vocal line in a guitar solo sounded fucking good, and that there was nothing wrong with repeating particularly lush parts of a given solo. Music isn’t an extreme sport. No one gives a fuck how technically good you are, as long as you can play the music. Technical expertise (which, by the way, you have to have a lot of no matter what you play) is just a bridge to great music.