8till (pronounced ‘Still’) is a producer from quiet old Oxted. His new track ‘We Are One’ first caught my attention when I heard it the other day on BBC South Introducing, with it’s desolate background and ghostly vocals which manage to draw you in all the same. It’s more laid back than a summer’s day; I mention this because when I went onto his soundcloud I found that most of his past tracks were closer to garage and two-step. I was intrigued as to whether he had turned his back on full on dance music or not. 
One Day One Song: This track is different from your other music in terms of it not sounding very garage or two – step, was this is a deliberate step and if so what made you want to do it?
8till: Yeah definitely a deliberate step. I don’t want to be boxed in by formulas, and I like to stretch my comfort zone creatively. The first sound in the track was something I found and pitched down loads, just worked off of that. Wanted to do something a bit more chilled, and representative of recent experiences I’ve had.
One Day One Song: Is this is a permanent change of direction or do you plan to move across genres?
8till: I wouldn’t even call it a change of direction, just taking the scenic route! The ultimate goal is to create a ‘sound’, where I can experiment and play freely, whilst still being identified as an artist. I try not to write in Genre’s, just make what sounds good, but it can’t be helped sometimes. Having said that, I love garage drums and rhythm. That might be the thing that ties it all together.
One Day One Song: More generally, how do you see yourself fitting into dance music as it stands in Britain? Do you think or care about these things when making your music?
8till: I love British dance music for many reasons, but especially because there’s so much experimentation and space to do what you want. I couldn’t say where I fit in, or that I think too much about it when making music, though I definitely take influence from a lot of old school garage & 2 step, a lot of old school dubstep, drum and bass, but my tastes are varied, I love reggae, ska, jazz, anything that makes you feel good and makes you want to move your feet!
One Day One Song: Where did you gain inspiration for the lyric of this track?
8till: The artist I work with, Joni Black, actually wrote the lyrics and topline. I just gave her the name of the track ‘We Are One’, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. She’s been amazing to work with. The inspiration from the track itself comes from a general sense of awakening in the zeitgeist, and a love of Bob Marley I guess.
One Day One Song: How did growing up in a quiet place like Oxted influence you musically, if at all?
8till: Not much to be honest. Oxted really is a quiet place. I spent a year in Bristol songwriting and playing with a band, and then was in Birmingham for three years, where the scene I was into was much more underground. I go out in London a lot as well. I think these places have influenced me more than anything. The only kind of impact Oxted has had is that I have loads of time to write and produce because I live so far away from everyone, which has it’s ups and downs, but I make it work.
One Day One Song: Cheers!