Some songs really get you. If they don’t, you’re very unlucky. Because when I say a song gets you, I mean it feels as good as a song can ever feel, as good as you can ever feel.

With any particular song, it usually only gets you the first few times you listen to it. That’s because with any given song which has gotten you, its effect will at some point wear off. But when it does, it doesn’t matter, because although it will now just be an echo of its former self it will still be a echo of something pretty cool.

Why does a particular song get you, (and by that I mean you singular, not you plural)? Usually it is a combination of two things – a song’s brilliance and your personal circumstance. If the input from both multiply together to create enough of an effect it gets you. And if you’re not sure how a song, written by a stranger, can really relate to any one person, go and listen to Spanish Sahara, and remember the first person who ever rescued you from something from really terrible. Go and listen to the intro to Teen Spirit, and remember your first party. Go and listen to English Rose by The Jam, and remember what it feels like to come back to someone. Do these things, and you will know what it’s like to have a song ‘get’ you – to grab you by the throat.

Sometimes, the personal circumstance is so subtle that you can’t notice it affecting it as it affects you.

Other times, a song gets an entire country, because it’s so good that everybody can relate their personal circumstance to it. It’s so good (so catchy) that it grabs you – no matter who you are – asks you to fill in the details, and then let’s you go. These songs are the songs that we will all remember, the Wonderwalls, the Get Luckys, the Love Is All Arounds of this world. After some time some (most) people will come to hate them as they are played to death, but at first everyone has their moment with that song.

I’m Always In Love, released in 1999, isn’t one of those songs. It isn’t quite catchy enough to get everyone. But it gets some people – enough so that you’re left to love it and fill in the details later, for me at least – and any song that gets someone is pretty cool.