Probably, when Eves The Behavior is working two jobs as a cleaner and McDonalds server to support her 23 children, I’ll regret saying that she’s the next big thing. But for now, it’s fine to say.

Why? Is it the soaring, soundscapeish melodies which owe as much to My Bloody Valentine’s softer stuff as they do to more explicit influences (hello, Lorde and Banks)? Is it the angelic, pure vocals which remind us of what really great vocals can do to us? Is it her wispy good looks?

It’s probably a combination of the three. That said, however, I very much think that Eves is more than a combination of her parts. That’s because she combines the vocal prowess of Lorde et al. with actual consistently great melodies and – at least here – a well lush hook. That can’t really be said for the music of (maybe) Lorde and (definitely) Banks, which too often rely on pure vocal skills to support a dodgy melody. Not really helping is the fact that these type of vocalists often wallow in the minor key, which very much lend themselves to wallowing.

It shows just how great this song is, then, that despite it being a minor it does not wallow. It very much refuses to wallow. It’s actually such a great song that it takes the more negative key of music and produces a celebratory song, like musical alchemy. And by fuck is it celebratory.