Wolf Alice, judging by their social media stream, are on top of the world. And rightly so. Reviews of their debut album (although notable for being a bit of an echo chamber, and probably a little so in this case) have rightfully declared them a rare germ in 2015, 35 years after new wave – a guitar band who honour the best of what has gone before, then rip it up and use the scattered pieces to start again and fuck your ears up in the best possible way.

No where is there a better example of this than on The Wonderwhy. It’s core, building structure shares so much with latter 20th century pop music (think ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie or My Bloody Valentine), yet Wolf Alice choose to take it and not just build the song as it progresses but to make every section distinctly different, like moving through a forest of noise. Why am I such a cunt? Why do I use phrases like ‘forest of noise’? Who knows. Who cares. Wolf Alice are here to stay.