Few songs can really claim to conjure up a particular atmosphere as much as Robyn’s new belter. Listen to it, shut your eyes and you’ll instantly be transported to the floor of a nightclub at 5am, quickly emptying except for you and a few other people wondering what the fuck they were actually listening. But who gives a shit, you think. And then the song breaks down and approaches listenable, like the one really well done bit of KFC chicken as opposed to the dodgy inedible bits, with a nice popish hook. It then builds straight back into its rather unfortunate arbitrary noises and whines, but you know what? It’s not so bad, if you’re comparing it to the other music which will bookend it at 5am.

On a rather interesting sidenote, the Consequence of Sound website has proclaimed this a ‘massive 13 MINUTE BANGER!’, despite the fact it’s only 5 minutes long. This may have something to do with the fact that the whole video for the song is 13 minutes long and the fact that that website’s journalists clearly don’t place that much importance in listening to the music they write about.