The Strut’s latest is part of a series of songs designed to  to make it look like guitar music hasn’t been invented, and that playing major chords with a mid-tempo drumbeat will make the world shake.  Kids, believe me – I can hear them saying – this hasn’t been done before.

No one would believe them. The Struts produce music so mind-numbingly dull that they make Coldplay sound like genre-pushing innovators. It’s not really the case that the problem is that they’re making music which sounds like music which has already been produced, the problem is this dullness. It’s a dullness akin to revising or getting on the bus or being in locked-in syndrome but everyone thinks you’re in a coma so they leave you lying in a bed for twenty years with the roof for company. It’s a dullness where the brain grows so bored of what it’s experiencing that it disassociates completely from what’s going on.

I apologise for the really offensive and edgy facial expression there
The Struts are exactly what they look like – a posh boy whose hired three boy band members.

If you don’t believe me, really listen to this song. Not only is it dull, but it really, really tries to be exciting. That makes the whole thing worse, because they’re simultaneously trying to make music that their mums will think is jolly good. It’s a bit like when you rebelled at school by undoing your top button – ineffective and contrived.  They do this with SHOUTING and really computerised OVERDRIVE. Guys, watch the fuck out. In this battle with the establishment, no one wants to be caught in the crossfire.

The Struts represent everything which is wrong with music at the moment, and in particularly guitar music – mind bending apathy.

P.s. – listen to this if you want to hear something far better – I’ll write about it tomorrow