Where have Foals been since their 2013 album Holy Fire? Who cares? The important thing is that they are back with a brand new track, and it’s a scorcher at that.

The track moves from quiet to loud in a masterful way, similair to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or a drunk girl in a nightclub. It also employs the use of simple yet powerful overdrive driven riffs beloved of Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins (not so much nightclub inhabitants), but does’t stray far from the essential Foalsness – it has a winding, picky guitar sequence leading into the chorus and some choral-style whooing. Basically, it sounds a little bit like Foals on steroids. And I love it.

A foal which may be on steroids
A foal which may be on steroids

Foals on steroids bodes rather well for any live adventuring Foals may go on with this song, and I’d add to that there’s a super, classic Foals take down and build up about two thirds through the song, Inhaler style. That’s exciting for anyone who likes that song obviously, but also for anybody who loves those half-gasp moments of tension in their music. The kind of moments where – when you’re in the audience of a gig – you know you are completely fucked if you’re in standing.

But great music and people losing their legs in mosh pits has long been Foals staples. It’s a recipe which has taken them far, right to the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 (where they played, to their immense credit, an afternoon set as well as an evening set, perfect for kids living outside of London). But I’m not really sure that this song – and this album if this song is anything to go by – moves Foals far beyond that point, as good as the song is. It’s a not a pop classic, which I feel that in the post Royal Blood atmosphere could take Foals right to the top of Festival bills if they achieve it. Their sound is, after all, fairly close to Royal Blood’s and therefore with Foals’ experience that arguably places them perfectly to capitalise on Royal Blood’s phenomenol success. I doubt they will though; their melodies, based on this, just won’t be crisp enough to pull through.

But who cares? We have our Foals. Fuck the people who can’t be bothered to find out about them.