What is the point in Tame Impala? You could quite validly ask that question on a number of levels. Do we really need yet another synth-washed psychadelic band? Why doesn’t Kevin Parker, who writes and records all of the band’s music alone, bother with a band when he could be solo?  Is the other side of the moon is populated by all those people from school you’ve forgotten about since you left? All valid.

I don’t have the answer to all of those questions – Parker’s bandism may be drawn from either a desire to bury his ego or a desire to emulate the great guitar based acts of the world – but it’s apparent that this world really does need Tame Impala. They occupy a space in between chill and rock – granted, the same space every psychadelic rock band from The Beatles to Pond have occupied, but the fact is that at the moment no one else is. That’s since the commercial and, to be honest, artistic decline of MGMT.

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Tame Impala’s strength in the past has been to take the best bits of MGMT – the indulgent synthy dreamscapes tinged with more than enough melody – whilst leaving the worst bits – the over indulgence. That’s something which is continued on their new single Eventually. Here I’m apparently required by law to talk about how the name may reflect the length of time we’ve been waiting for new material but oh how it was worth the wait blah blah blah. Anyway, it’s a good song, one which continues the aforementioned strengths of Tame Impala whilst adding more drive. It’s not something nescessarily needed but it’s welcome, especially when it works out like Elephant on Lonerism. There the laid back vibes (hey! I’m a cunt!) are accommodated alongside the extra urgency, and it’ll take a few listens but it appears the band have repeated the trick here.

A better writer than me find out when it’s released, but I can’t be arsed.