Primal Scream were one of the first artists to dare to  break down the rockers/ravers divide . It’s an achievement given weight by the fact that the builders of the Berlin Wall rejected the same designs for the wall signifying this divide because they were ‘over the top’.

How did they do it? With help from a little thing called LSD, or so the story goes.

After trying it for the first time, songwriter Gillespie renounced their  failing straightforward guitar music for the dance-rock which the whole world came to love.

The fact that the whole music community came to love it, regardless of ‘labels’, can’t be underestimated as an achievement. Before, as Gillespie said, you were a raver or a rocker. Now you could be both.

But I’m not really sure that it was all down to LSD. Primal Scream’s music is so good that real talent and graft must have been involved.

Or, to put it another way, merging genres is still fucking hard, no matter how enlightened the drugs have left you.