As anyone with two (or  even one) working ears could tell you, and – in fact – as many people have pointed out on these guys’ youtube videos, this Aussie band sound a lot like Oasis. In fact they sound really, really like Oasis.

The wandering solos, solid melodies and breakneck tempo all contribute to this but the thing which really completes the effect is the affected Manch accent present (‘..took your taaaaaaaame…’) on every record. To an Australian, especially if you’re one who has visited Manchester, it must be a little bit disheartening to find that Australia’s best band are trying to sound like they have one of Britain’s worst accents.

Is the fact that they sound like Oasis really an issue, though?

Battle of the cocky shits?

On the one hand they’re making great songs – possibly continuing Noel’s musical legacy in a more genuine way than the man himself at the moment (despite what he thinks) – but on the other hand this style of making music seems to be predestining guitar music to an infinite donut on the road.

Ultimately it comes down to what you think music is for, enjoyment or progress. Personally I think that if we put too much importance on where music stands in history, then it will become clear that pretty much everyone copies each other. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, whereas innovation for its own sake is.

There’s surely nothing more boring than hearing a band criticised on the basis that they sound too like (insert ancient band here), because as long as the music is good who gives a flying fuck?



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